Popularity of Site

Direct.gov is one of the most viewed sites in the whole world, ranked at 1261 worldwide and 36 in the UK at the time of writing*. Its purpose is to give public service information direct from the government, hence the website name. There are a variety of links, including one that tells you how much you will receive from your State Pension when you reach the eligible age.

Site Design

It is an extremely popular site but it does not mean that it is well designed. When you arrive on the pension section, you are greeted with a virtually plain screen with some orange on the top and bottom. The rest of the page forces you to scroll down and is not particularly easy to read. Although pensions are an important topic, reading information about them is not always easy, and this site certainly doesn’t make it any easier in that respect.

The focus is on figuring out when you retire and how much you are likely to receive from the state and to this end it succeeds, giving you valuable information such as: telling you who is eligible for a state pension, what information you will need to apply and what exactly a state forecast will do for you.


The site content avoids using long, meandering sentences, instead dividing information up into several sections and handy bullet points. This allows the more complex information to become easily digestible. It would be far better however, if the sections were all put together on one page like you see with others sites, rather than forcing you to scroll down to the bottom of the page. Indeed, the most useful information is at the foot of the page, offering links to other articles relating to state pensions.

Our Summary

This site is probably aiming at trying to get newer generations to start thinking more seriously about their pensions. The bland, formal writing style that does not betray any hint of individuality will probably not gain many admirers. However, sites like these are all about the information they give, and there is no doubt that everything on here is helpful. With so many visitors, it probably doesn’t need to be conveniently designed or contain flowery language.

External Link to Pension Forecasting Service

*statistics sourced from alexa